Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sometimes they can be less dramatic..

It is what to conclude so far. Let see 'how' the clock is ticking. Those redundant amount of energies, which in this case, the 'whose' was mine had blast the sh*t out of me.

'Where' the resultant effort gone away.. way to far, is 'why' I cant even see the tail lamp, 'when' the 'what' subject was stop moving..

The 'what' that is happening 'which' will be end at never know 'when' is the time.

Time is the utmost fear really. No drama.



Penulis.Sahaja. said...

gua baca ayat first. faham.
baca ayak second. faham.
tp gua terlupa ayat first cerita pasal apa.
konklusinya gua tak berapa seni english sgt nak baca benda2 mcm ni.
patutlah novel Lord Of The Ring gua tak pernah habis. -___-

Zie said...

merayau2 blog org..

i like this part

"Time is the utmost fear really.No drama"


laki cikgu kimia said...

lu baik2 sikit, orang2 novel ni nyawa depa slalu dlm bahaye. novella visage misalnye :P

ye lah nenek benarkan. lalulah..