Saturday, February 13, 2010

I need to live today for tomorrow..

I am about to finish off everything. Not to say ‘every’ that means everything for the project. But at least for what my target was for tonight. Or should I say ‘this morning’? Yeah its zero zero forty nine in the morning. It s Sunday’s early morning.

I remember one said to me long time ago, while I was busy working seven days a week for two months in a row back in Malaysia. “Paderi je yang keje ari ahad weyh..”. Haih.. Still missing Malaysia, the environment, the people, the foods, and many more..

I was just canceling my current setting for the work. Settings on the models were meant to be as actual as possible. It was really one of the hairy experiences as I stumbled across these papers once saved in my memory.

Concerning on memory, I wonder somehow, how good this computer should be for me. Currently I am using twenty four gigs RAM with four cores and eight licenses run simultaneously. Even this super power machine required so much time to finish its job. My target was seventy two thousand time steps, but to reach seventy two it took me two days.

“Die la.. like this”.. quoting from my Singapore friend favourite’s. Otherwise, I set the things simpler now.

This coming Monday, I ll be joining high level people, I would say, while comparing my level to those, as mentioned in previous entry. Do I need to fit myself a suit during this hot summer day? It s summer mate!

Spirits leapt dramatically while the energy plummeted. This cant be along. This is not good. Yet I need a respite.

Bye now.

-gua tidak menyambut hari valentine, tetapi tadi pagi gua belikan bunga buat isteri gua. Dalam bahasa melayu kita panggil bunga itu, Bunga Lawang. :P


Nadia Yuna said...

Salam incik am,
for a long time i'm being here without comment. sekadar singgah, baca, dan noted ur updates there.

hari ini

udah start cuti. maka saya meround semua blog. termasuk blog incik am.


terus kagum sebab beli bunga lawang. satu kelainan dan begitu unik. heheh

chills incik am.

send my regard to ur lovely wife ye.

salam =)

ihsan_huhu said...

itu namenye bunga selepas kawen.

ps: aku bli suit murah arituh kat peter shearer. susah siot nk carik size kat kedai lain. pkai je r suit oi

tunbegia said...

siapalah tak sayang bini,

tapi ada kan,


ann said...

salam..uhuhu nasib la tak bunga tahi ayam ahahaa....anyway bunga lawang tu ada maksud tersirat..nak suh dia masak lauk apa? ahaha

laki cikgu kimia said...

nadia, heh.. selamat bercuti puan.. :D

esan, tengok cuaca la nnt..

tunbegia, ada mmg ada. harapnya tak banyak..

ann, heh.. kurang2 nasib ayam ka..

enyheartsdiamond said...

da sampai kedah :)

laki cikgu kimia said...

hah tlg kem salam kat mertua gua oke! pokok sena sana saja..

DrSam said...

I think your bung lawang has really surpassed the power your supercomputer in setting the priority right - at least for your wife. Lucky her.

Have a good holiday.

IRIS said...

Hihihi...bunga lawang ni mesti kes baca entry Izzah Melayu kan? Masakan Melayu...

Kirim salam Cikgu Kimia. Selamat bercuti.

laki cikgu kimia said...

drsam, i always hope to be the reason why the said my wife is lucky. :P

iris, oh ye? heheh selamat bercuti jugak..