Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Love Story and Aidilfitri..

What a great day! wake up in the morning with a smile on your face..

I was watching movie last night and it was awesome.. it was a kind of classic country movie, started with a lame and blurry shot of a girl taking shower in the bathroom.. its not about the girl that I am going to describe nor the beauty of the woman body shape neither.. but its about her teen's life.. how did she expect her first date.. which was not about to come true but not even close.. the aim for getting to know her charming 'future husband' so called..

I was thinking for years back when I was 5, there was a girl in my neighborhood namely Haqimah.. she was a beautiful clever girl with a polite social behavior.. and, you know what? She s 2 years older than me.. yeah, i know.. me.. with a childish behavior.. naughty a bit.. easy to smile without two teeth on the front.. and net combed hair.. whats more do you expect? so cute! (haha xnak kalah).. but for her. i wasnt more than a little CUTE bro.. (the fact should be strengthen with the use of the word again and again)..

All in all, for that time being.. my mind or my way of thinking.. tells me that she was mine as a special girlfriend.. and my matured mind kept telling me that she is the one that would be my future wife.. think of that, i was always telling her to wear 'tudung', because end up, the husband should responsible for the sins of his wife! ish3.. what a demanding me.. (",)

So, that is one of the 'future wife' story of mine.. as far as i remember.. there were another.. the next is when I was 6 in tadika, then standard 1-2, 3-5, standard 6.. and many more.. there are way too many good stories to share in here.. (dont ask me why the relationship s not last long).. i can only concluded that no matter how deep is your feeling towards her, You dont simply mess it up with the whisper of demands or your needs alone.. think before you throw!

To finish off, this morning, as a good spirit full happy smiling CUTE (owh not again) wake up person from bed, I was checking my emails. There were so many emails, forwarded without reading mails, advertising mails (viagra lah hape lah.. mane die tau aku hebat ke x nih?), wedding invitation mails, credit card billings, bank statements and etcetera.. ow yeay, perhap i should mention about one of those GREAT emails! The details are belows .

Subject : Sustainable Energy Center lunch meeting
Location : J 2-02
Time : Wednesday, 1 October 2008 12 PM -1 PM

Hi all,

Thanya Chanprasopchai will be giving a presentation at the meeting entitled “Mass Transfer in Re-generator”

Please accept or decline this meeting request by 5.00pm Monday 29 September for catering purposes.


SEC Group, Institute for Sustainable Systems and Technologies.

0800hrs, Thursday 25 September 2008

The best, right? Actually, this is my first 'fortnightly meeting'. Seems like, I cant be exempted from it, right? Sigh.. Now, you tell me..

Di hari rayaaa.. terkenang daku kepada si diaaa..


akma.syazwani said...

gila sweetttttttt...
i mean on ur story bout 'future-wife'
kiut dowh..

aida said...

mcm iklan percintaan Tan Hong Ming dengan Umi Qazrina(iklan merdeka petronas)..kiut~
tgkla..then u'll smile..

CritiCalThinKer said...

akma, tu la layan gak mengimbau kenangan silam..

aida, iyer.. kanak-kanak memahaminya.

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...


off topic: sy cuma pelik mcm mana kamu boleh jumpa entry 'lihatlah persamaan, kesampingkan perbezaan' tu?

on topic: kids always dream to have someone who is perfect for their age. the more their age is, the more perfect they want them to be. so, no wonder by increasing age, u admired a few different little girls =)

selamat hari raya kembali.

CritiCalThinKer said...

sarah shukor, kamu jgn pelik.. dunia di ujung jari anda.. btw, kisah cintan itu kisah lame, saje tulis2 senyum sendiri.. (-,-)

Nadia Yuna said...

suweetttt je kisah kecik2 itu =)

CritiCalThinKer said...

tengs nadia!